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From July 1st, 2021,
our office moved to the following address:

1543 Sawtelle Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025

TEL: (310)207-4747, FAX: (310)207-1440

We are the Automobile Insurance Agency in Los Angeles and are proud of having over 30 years of experience and achievement since the firm was established in 1988.
We are devoted to customer satisfaction by offering the best possible service and consideration for customers.
We offer you the most suitable plan with lower rates.

  • *We have preferred companies for good drivers.
  • *Any driver with temporary license, international license, other state`s license is accepted.
  • *Any driver who has been at fault in an accident which resulted in bodily injury, who has had a violation, who has been convicted of driving under the influence is accepted.


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