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Q & A
Q: What documents are needed to get car insurance?
 - Driver License
 - Current Registration, or Purchase order, Sales Contract, Pink slip

Q: Which coverages are mandatory in CA?
A: Minimum liability is required.
$15,000 for injury to one person
$30,000 for injury to more than one person
$5,000 for damage to property

Q: Is SR22 filing issued same day?
A: Yes. Please come to the office.

Q: What are the main factors to determine premiums?
A: The main factors are: driver's age, sex, marital status, garaging zip code, the type of vehicle you drive, annual mileage, usage of vehicle, and driving record.

Q: How to contract if not able to come to the office?
A: You can contract by Fax or mail.

Q: What to do after a car accident?
 - Move your car to the safe place, and turn on the hazard lights to prevent another accident.
 - Call 911 if anyone is injured.
 - Exchange name, address, phone number, driver license number, insurance information, car information
   including Year, Make, Model, and License Plate number with the driver of the other car.
 - If there are any witnesses at the scene, get contact information from them.
 - Contact the police and take the police report.
 - Notify your insurance company or Autoline Insurance.

                      Auto Insurance - Examples
                      Vehicle: 2005 Toyota Corolla
                      Annual miles:12,000 miles
                      Coverage:Minimum Liability
                      Clean Driving Record
Garaging Address
Year of Birth: 1990
Years Licensed CA: 18 month
Year of Birth: 1975
Years Licensed CA: 12 years
Santa Barbara (Zip: 93101)
$371.00/year $211.00/year
Torrance (Zip: 90503)
$481.00/year $261.00/year
Los Angeles (Zip: 90025)
$859.00/year $458.00/year

                      *Premiums may vary with each person.                                                                       As of 4/1/2011

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